Ukr.Biochem.J. 2015; Volume 87, #2, March-April

Isolation and properties of polyphenol oxidase from basidiocarps of Lactarius pergamenus Fr. (Fr.) fungi

M. V. Tsivinska1,2, V. O. Antonyuk3,4, R. S. Stoika1,3

1Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Ukraine;
2Scientific-Research Center of Criminalistic Expertise in Lviv Region
at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
3Institute of Cell Biology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv;
4Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine

Fresh juice of basidiocarps of Lactarius pergamenus Fr. (Fr.) fungi was subjected to ion exchange chromatography with used DEAE-toyopearl and CM-cellulose columns, as well as preparative electrophoresis in 7.5% polyacrylamide gels (pH 8.6). Three isoforms of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) were discovered and two isoforms (1-1 and 1-2) were purified with a release of protein 0.42 mg/kg and 0.15 mg/kg of basidiocarps, respectively. These isoforms differ in the mobility at disc-electrophoresis in 7.5% PAGE in alkaline buffer system (pH 8.6). Specific activity of isoform 1-2 is 4.8 times higher than that of the isoforms 1-1. The molecular weight determination by gel chromatography on the Toyopearl HW-55 demonstrated that both isoforms 1-1 and 1-2 have the same 64 ± 2 kDa molecular mass. Electrophoresis in 15% PAGE in the presence of sodium dodecylsulphate and β-mercaptoethanol revealed one band with molecular mass of 64 ± 1 kDa which suggests the presence of one polypeptide chain in the molecule of the enzyme. The enzyme has demonstrated the highest activity at pH 6.0 and temperature +10 ºC, and at +70 ºC the enzyme was inactivated. The PPO activity was the highest in young mushrooms and it decreased with their age and positively correlated with the content of the milky juice. Ortho-aminophenol was most effective among all the tested substrates to determine the activity of PPO (o-, m– and p-aminophenol, catechol, tyrosine, resorcinol, phloroglucinol) and its relative activity was 129% of the activity of catechol. Ascorbic acid was the most effective inhibitor of the polyphenol oxidase activity which was completely blocked at 1 mM concentration, whereas the same concentration of thiourea and sodium sulphite decreased the enzymatic activity by 40-45%. The PPO in L. pergamenus fungi basidiocarps was mainly localized in the mushroom milky juice where its high activity may be associated with protection of basidiocarps against various pathogens.

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